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Jonathan Wilson began his boat building adventure nearly 30 years ago, serving as an apprentice to his uncle - the late Mike Heywood.

Even at an early age Jonathan showed real talent for developing the line and styling of the boats he worked on, and it was not long before he set up his own boat building business so that he might have the freedom to express that talent more fully.

In 1985 he took on Tim Tyler as a young apprentice and it quickly became apparent that Tim shared his passion for line and detail.

In the 25 years since, this partnership has been steadily growing, training a select number of like minded craftsmen who take enormous pride in putting their signature on beautiful craft that capture the graceful line and artistic detail of a bygone era.

  • Class leaders for over 30 years
  • Award winning design and build service
  • A dedicated team of skilled craftsmen
  • Preferred choice of the country’s finest boat fitters
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